Creation Q1 2020
Index Asset Class Ethereum (Reserve Upline) , Maker Dao (Defi) , Compound (Defi) , AAVE (Defi) & USDC (Liquidity Pool). {See Performance YTD }
Minimum Investment USDC 250,000
Expected Annual Return on Investment >8%
Subscriptions Daily
Rebalance Frequency Weekly
Redemptions No lock-up periods after the first 90 days.
Investor Qualifications Accredited Investors/Financial Institutions
Offering Type Private Offering. Decentralised Non-Custodial Liquidity Pool.
Annual Fees to Asset Manager 2% Management fee on the total AUM
Performance Fees to Asset Manager 45% of the profits past annual yield target
Bonus to Investors 55% of the profits past yield target
Taxation 0% - Investors are liable for tax in their respective jurisdictions
Custody Coinbase Custody, PrimeTrust Custody
General Partner CardinalBolt Holdings
Investment Manager Zebra Capital Management
Bank Banco Santander, UBS, BNP Paribas, CITI Bank
Smart-contract Auditors ConsenSys Diligence & PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Index Fund Constituents

1 Ethereum
2 Makerdao
3 Compound
4 Aave
5 Usdc
7 Chain
8 Enjin
9 Cardano
10 yearn
11 Polkadot
12 Filecoin
13 Polygon
ZebraIndexsolution chart


Asset Fractional % Feature
Ethereum 20% Blockchain Builder
Aave 20% Borrowing Service
MakerDao 20% Staking & Lending
Compound 20% Money Market Protocol & Staking
USDC 10% Liquidity pool & Stable Coin
Cross Portfolio 10% Early Stage Tokens
Weekly Rebalance Day: Next Friday




Investors funds are deposited in an independent third party custodial account.The investor reserves the right to withdraw their investment in accordance to the agreed upon redemption terms. Past Performance is No Guarantee of Future Results. Zebra Capital Management is a registered private company in the State of Delaware, that may invest and trade in many different market strategies and employ different investment, hedging,leverage and arbitrage methodologies.Read the disclaimer on FAQ prior to contacting Zebra Capital Management about its financial services.